How to play

„Jo and the Limping Devil“ is a virtual scavenger hunt through Eisenstadt with the goal to discover the true thief of Joseph Haydn’s first opera! Jo will lead you to 12 different places in Eisenstadt. There, you will find clues that help you to eliminate possible suspects. You can do this by pulling up the list of suspects (down middle – only visible on the question screen). Look closely at the supposed thieves and read through their character biographies as well – you will find clues there that help you solve this tricky case!

If you ever get lost, you can look at the Eisenstadt map below or pull up Google Maps up top and get back on the right track!

Should you have problems solving a riddle, you can find help under Hints.

Under Info you will continuously receive more information and facts about Joseph Haydn’s life.

Words in pink are quotes by Joseph Haydn
Words in green are instructions
Words in turquoise are facts about the life and works of Joseph Haydn

Now, let's quickly get to the Rathaus, Jo is waiting impatiently...